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          美國 ATI C16便攜式氣體檢測儀、多種氣體檢測儀

          產品型號: C16
          品  牌: 美國 ATI
          所 在 地: 北京朝陽區
          更新日期: 2023-03-16
          Cl6手持式氣體檢測儀能在現場檢測環境空氣中的有毒有害氣體,可用于應急監測、職業衛生場所有毒有害氣體檢測、石化企業安全檢測以及儲運、  泄露檢測等。
          該儀器*出色的特點是它能通過更換相應傳感器模塊檢測多種類型的氣體。即不需為每種類型的氣體分別購買單獨的主機,一臺檢測儀與不同的傳感器結合使用,就能檢測超過3 0種不同的氣體,傳感器可以即插即用,不需再次校準。檢測量程可在*大量程和*小量程范圍之間任意可調,可以根據檢測的需要自由設置量程。
            可檢測多達3 0種有毒有害氣體
            RS一2 3 2輸出接口

          美國 ATI C16便攜式氣體檢測儀、多種氣體檢測儀

          One Gas Detector for Many Gases...

          ATI's Series C16 PortaSens II Portable Gas Leak Detector is a versatile tool for performing regular leak checks in gas storage areas, around process equipment and piping, or in confined spaces prior to entry. Designed for easy one-hand operation, the gas detector contains an internal sample pump and a flexible sampling wand to allow pinpoint location of the source of leakage. A large character display insures that measured values are easily visible, and a back-light for the display insures readability in low or no light conditions.

          A unique feature of the C16 gas detector is its ability to measure a variety of different gases by simply inserting the appropriate sensor for that gas. That makes this gas detector capable of measuring over 30 different gases or vapors, reducing the need to purchase individual detectors for each type of gas. The gas sensors for the detector can be changed quickly and easily, and there is no need for calibration when a gas sensor is change is made.

          Gas sensors used in the C16 portable gas detector are ATI’s newest miniaturized smart sensor modules. Each sensor module is actually a sensor, amplifier, and memory module in one compact package. Because of this design, sensor modules can be calibrated independently and simply plugged into any detector for immediate use. When installed in a gas detector, calibration data is loaded into the microprocessor so that no adjustments are needed. The result is that a gas detector can, for example, go from phosgene measurement to ammonia measurement in less than one minute.

          The C16 PortaSens II is equipped with an RS-232 output which allows stored data to be downloaded to a PC through an interface cable that is supplied with the unit. A software package is included with the unit to facilitate data transfer.


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          To learn more about our C16 Portable Gas Detector
          Visit our "Product Literature" page.
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